Holy Shit

The weekend I spent in Ludwigsburg on the “Natur Vision Film-Festival” which was a delight. I’ve met the guy who made the probably most important film of the century, Rubén Abruña. The film is called “Holy Shit” and talks about what we’re talking about: Putting all our “holy waste” back into the cycle.

Holy Shit – Can Poop save the World?

A feature-length documentary film by Rubén Abruña produced by Thurn Film, in co-production with Peacock Film (CH). German and Austrian cinema release for autumn 2023. Cinema Distribution: Farbfilm, World distributor: Autlook. Impact campaign: Think-Film Impact Production

What happens to the food we digest after it leaves our bodies? Is it waste to be discarded or a resource to be reused? Looking for answers, director Rubén Abruña embarks on an investigative and entertaining quest through 16 cities across 4 continents.

Rubén Abruña & Dominik Blöchl @ Central Cinema, Ludwigsburg