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domestik | helium

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13 original tunes of different musical flavours in German, English and some Spanish.
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Do You 432? | ein Aufsatz

Stimmen aus dem Internet sprechen fuer den Kammerton a=432 Hz / C=256 Hz. Eine Recherche »

Die letzte Chance -
für eine Zukunft ohne Not

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Stuff happens - Story of Stuff


"Manches aus Wenigem" runterladen

Was muss, das muss?

What do I mean by that? Well there's one thing that really is a must. And that's the ever ongoing rhythmn of eating, digesting and the process of unloading.

"Was muss, das muss - an elephant soils the city" is a trilingual (de/es/en) kids book I wrote about that seemingly simple idea. Please do have a look on the crowdfunding site startnext and chip in, if you like the style! There's beautiful illustrations by my friend Horacio Pelayo.

Also you find plenty of ressources about terra preta, that vivid black soil and ways of humification, waste reduction and circulatory systems.

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Musical Matters


From year 2019 I was regularly playing piano at the Ifen Hotel Bar 1.111 and at Hotel Kleber Post. If you want to book a gig, please book via eventpeppers or come over here.

Duo Domestiko & LA MANERA

Duo Domestiko is back at work, also there is our quartet "La Manera" with familiar faces getting ready to hold down that blissfull C-Major chord. If there's a need to moan, keep it harmoanious!

Domestik's second album "Smart Living" is in the pipeline, but you know what happened to the pipeline. Do you? I don't really. But I'll get back to it to fix the flow. In any way I believe there's no point but to always try to get back into the flow...

A big pile of Greetings! –
Dominik (21. Okt 2022)