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Terrace145 - Baden gehen

The ultimate auditory swimming trunk which let you slip into all seasoned waters. Buy on iTunes for a ridiculous 0,99€ and help a broke artist to help a broken planet.

AYA multidimensional

Aya Konnektiv Midi is an interactive video installation. We're going to tour with this show through the streets of Europe from spring 2016.

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No Señal

released in June 2015 | get CD on

domestik | helium

domestik helium album cover

13 original tunes of different musical flavours in German, English and some Spanish.
prelisten & order | reinhören & bestellen »

Do You 432? | ein Aufsatz

Stimmen aus dem Internet sprechen fuer den Kammerton a=432 Hz / C=256 Hz. Eine Recherche »

the newfolk retroperspective

all their vid's in one playlist from 2000-2009

wirundjetzt - wir fo(e)rdern Nachhaltigkeit

Die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative wirundjetzt hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Nachhaltigkeit in der Region zu fördern und Menschen dafür zu begeistern. zur Website »

Die letzte Chance -
für eine Zukunft ohne Not

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Stuff happens - Story of Stuff

Halbzeit | das Interview


"Manches aus Wenigem" runterladen

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Der Sommer
wird doch nicht schon
- baden gehen?

Check out the oldpool track "Baden gehen" and remember all the beautiful heat that was projected down to earth in the summer of 2016.

If you want to chip into the old fruitbowl, then grab a copy, load up the earphones and have a first bath this year with the track cranked up to the utmoist. Well! Maybe another 30° wave is waiting to have us roasting once more. You'd never know with the weather.

Duo Domestiko is getting back to work, also there is a trio line up with familiar faces getting ready to hold down that blissfull C-Major chord. If there's a need to moan, keep it harmoanious!

Domestik's second album "Smart Living" is in the pipeline, but the pipeline is not yet established all the way. That's as far as my political insight goes.

"Badewetter - does it get any wetter?"

Greetings! –
Dominik (23. May 2017)